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We have a real passion for all things bicycle and have over 30 years of experience in servicing and repairing bicycles.  


Book online or call and we will do everything to get you ready for your next epic adventure or spin around the block. 


As well as the mobile service, we can be found at several locations throughout the city at the weekends. 

Saturdays - St Anne's Park Market  

Drop by to say hi and get your free safety check. If you need any repairs or adjustments, we can sort them on the spot. 


Call out fee is just €12 - Why bother bringing the bike to the shop, when we can come to your location and complete the work while you wait or take it away to be repaired. Whatever suits you. 


Services Menu:

Junior Service - €25 (12” to 24” Kids bicycles) 

Full bicycle safety and alignment check, all adjustments made.


Standard Service - €38 

Full bicycle safety and alignment check, chain and drive train checked for wear,

all bolts and nuts tightened, gears and brakes adjusted, lubricated and tires pumped.


Advanced Service - €55 

Standard Service plus – wheel truing, wheel alignments, clean and lubricate chain and cassette.


Premium Service - €100 

Advanced Service plus – replace gear and brake cables (burp hydraulic brakes).

Electrical Bike Service - €55 

Full bicycle safety check and service of all Mechanical and Electrical components.


Other repairs

Tube replacement (Including Tube) - €16

Adjust Brakes (Front + Back) - €12

Tune Gears (Front + Back) - €12

Tyre Fitting - €9

Buckle - €25

Brake Bleed (Hydraulic) - €26

Derailleur Fitting - €26

Fit/Fill Tubeless Tyres - €16

Bike Rebuild - €120

For all other repairs, please contact us for a price. 

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