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Born out of a real passion for cycling and adventure, I created CYCLOPEDIA in early 2021. 

I had a BSc in Physics and over 30 years experience in the cycles and Manufacture Engineering industry. I felt I had the knowledge to bring something different to the market, by streamlining repair methodologies and applying a lean process approach to running the business.  

I figured that if I paired the knowledge bit with a friendly and approachable personality, I would be on to a winning formula, so I went for it and CYCLOPEDIA was born.

I have a real interest in bringing a friendly, knowledgeable service that would help promote cycling of all sections and inspire people to get out on the road or trail and see what adventure would find them. 

As a cyclist myself (Road and MTB) I am happy to discuss all things bike, whether that is figuring out the root cause of a repair, or just chatting about the latest tech or interesting cycling routes. I get a buzz out of it! 

Mick Carey 

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